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Canzi Extreme Implant Full Arch Hybrid Zirconia

Canzi Extreme Implant Full Arch Hybrid Zirconia


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Canzi Extreme Full Arch Hybrid implant Bridge with option of Gingiva Staining. This product is milled from Canzi Extreme Zirconia, rated 1,000 mpa. It is capable of restoring cases up to 14 units.

Canzi Extreme on the Front Cover of LMT!

Canzi CEO, Saro Hatzakortzian, holding the latest copy of the LMT Magazine, featuring the Canzi Extreme on the front cover. In his other, he is hodling the most advanced zirconia known to mankind.

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Now Available in Green State

Order your Full Arch Hybrid in the Green State for further characterization in lab.

You must have a Sintering Furnace with a High Temp of1540 degrees Celcius.

Please refer to our Sintering Parameters.



Gingival Shades


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