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STARDUST – Multi-Strength Zirconia

STARDUST – Multi-Strength Zirconia


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The ultimate in full zirconia restorations. STARDUST is a “Progressive Translucent”

zirconia material with 600 MPa at the incisal edge and 900 MPa at the cervical.
Transform your restorations with STARDUST’s unique properties, which absorb light and match the patient’s existing shade.

STARDUST is the most advanced zirconia on the market, combining two yttrium contents into a single disc. Yttrium 4 Content on the cervical gradually transitions to an yttrium 5 content towards the incisal edge, giving your restoration a porcelain like finish.

Now the STARDUST line up includes all classical plus Bleach 1 & 2 shades in two sizes; 14mm and 20mm

Recommended Region: Anterior
Yttrium Content: Y4-Y5 (Class 4)


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