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Canzi Extreme Implant Zirconia Crown

Canzi Extreme Implant Zirconia Crown


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Canzi Extreme Implant Zirconia Crowns are highly esthetic and very strong. Implant Crowns are used over custom or stock abutments. Canzi Milling offers Implant Crowns with a screw channel access hole or without for cement retained.

Recommended Region: Anterior
Yttrium Content: Y4 (Class 4)

Canzi Extreme on the Front Cover of LMT!

Canzi CEO, Saro Hatzakortzian, holding the latest copy of the LMT Magazine, featuring the Canzi Extreme on the front cover. In his other, he is hodling the most advanced zirconia known to mankind.

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The following Series are compatible with:       

BIO-Series – BioHorizons™ Internal

CAM-Series – Camlog™ Implants

E-Series – Nobel Biocare™ Replace Select

F-Series – Nobel Biocare™ Nobel Active

H-Series – Biomet 3i™ Certain

HIO-Series – Hiossen™ Implants

I-Series – Biomet 3i™ Osseotite

K-Series – Nobel Biocare™ Branemark

MIS-Series – MIS™ Implants / Seven™ Implants

N-Series – Straumann™ SynOCta

NEO-Series – NEOSS™ Implants

R-Series – Zimmer™/Tapered Screw-Vent

S-Series – Astra Tech™ Implant System OsseoSpeed TX, DENTSPLY Implants

SEV-Series – DENTSPLY Implants® Astra Tech Implant System™ EV

T-Series – Dentsply™/Friadent™ Frialit, Xive


Gold Anodization

Gold Anodization is an extra feature available on Custom Titanium Abutments. Gold Anodization provides a rich color that helps mimic a patient’s dentition, provides better esthetics than standard titanium abutments. Try Gold Anodization on your next implant case.


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